Why should you become a Colony Caretaker?

Community cats must endure severe weather such as cold and snow, heat and rain. They face starvation, infection and attacks by other animals. Unfortunately, almost half of the kittens born outdoors die from disease and exposure before they even turn a year old. If community cat survives kittenhood, his average lifespan is less than two years if living on his own. If a cat is lucky enough to be in a colony that has a caretaker, he may reach an upwards of 10 years or older. Community cats who live in a managed colony—a colony with a dedicated caretaker with regular feedings and proper shelter- can live a long happy life. **PLEASE NOTE THAT FRIENDLY CATS SHOULD NEVER BE USED AS A FORM OF RODENT CONTROL. ALL FRIENDLY CATS AND KITTENS MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE COLONY AND PUT INTO FOSTER AND BE ADOPTED OUT. 

A feral colony is a natural organic way to keep the rodent population down in your yard/garden/alley.

You would like to own a cat, but currently your circumstances cannot allow it.

Taking care of a colony is a form of pet therapy. It opens tremendous options for ill, developmentally disabled and abused children, and for the elderly who have limited social outlets.

Is a rewarding experience and a great way to give back to your community.

Whiskers & Tails Rescue Foundation will walk you through step by step on how to manage your feral colony. A Quick overview would be;

  • Keep A Record Of All The Cats Coming & Going
  • Establishing A Feeding Routine
  • Setting Up A Feeding Station Or Feeding Area (Provide Food & Water)
  • Prepare To TNR (If NOT Done Already)
  • Provide Shelter
  • Continue To Monitor All Cats In The Colony


If you are interested in becoming a Colony Caretaker, please fill out the following Colony Caretaker Agreement form at the link below;

Click here for Feral Colony Caretaker Agreement


What Makes Whiskers & Tails Rescue Foundation Different?

At Whiskers & Tails Rescue Foundation we believe Sharing is Caring . Some concerns for people about becoming a Colony Caretaker is; What if I go on vacation, who is going to take care of my colony? What if I get sick and am unable to care for them for a short period of time? What if I move? Well here at WTRF, with your permission, we share Colony Caretaker information with other registered Colony Caretakers within your zip code. We believe that being a Colony Caretaker is such a vital role that they should have a support group. Sharing Colony Caretaker information with other registered caretakers in your area allows each other to give each other the support they need, whether it be to cover a feeding when someone is out of town, sharing helpful tips, notifying each other of a missing colony member, or helping trap a newcomer.  WTRF believes that Colony Caretakers are family and they should be treated as such. WTRF NEVER wants you to feel like you are alone.